Monday, March 28, 2016

The Book of Limbolo.

Sector 7 and Other Merz is a catalogue of my current exhibition at the Blank Space gallery in Oslo. It is also a catalogue of drawings and digital paintings originally posted here at LIMBOLO.
You can buy a copy at this link:
Sector 7 and Other Merz 
The book is available in 2 formats: Softback and Hardback. There is little difference in price. Both come in at
about 22 Euros. There is a difference in quality of paper and binding: I recommend the Hardback.

What is/are merz?
I have appropriated the word from Kurt Schwitters, who described it as follows:
"MERZ had no meaning when I formed the word. Now it has the meaning that I have attached to it.
The meaning of the concept merz changes as the understanding of the person who continues to work with it changes. Merz wants freedom from all fetters in order to shape things artistically. Freedom is not unrestraint, but rather the result of strict artistic discipline. Merz also means tolerance toward any kind of limitation for artistic reasons. Every artist must be permitted to compose a picture, even if it is just made out of blotting paper, provided that he or she knows how to create".
(Kurt Schwitters, Merz, 1920.)

"When I make a word do a lot of work like that, I always pay it extra."
(Humpty Dumpty, “Alice Through the Looking Glass”.)

Where is Sector 7?
"Sector 7 is a city of hiding places. It grows according to its own rules. Human life is in the city, dreaming within its interstitial spaces, but is no longer its administrator. Merz is present on every block. Theories gestate in the shadows. Cults crystalize like honeycombs."
(From the introduction.)

Here's the cover...And some pages from the book.

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The Woman Who Lived In a Restaurant...

This picture will be on the cover of a story called "The Woman Who Lived In a Restaurant" by Leone Ross. It will published by Nightjar Press in October.

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